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Fault Lines by Stephen Belber

"Holland as the Peter Pan like Jim played up the man who doesn’t want to grow up role quite nicely, even when his scheme was in play."

Michael Block, Theatre in the Now

"Holland and Reuben do fine work as two men falling out of love with each other."

Bianca Garcia, Stage Buddy

"The master acting teachers talk about relaxation and listening as keys to great acting. ?This team reaches the golden goal post of “living on stage” in this production.? They are relaxed and listen to each other, without cue to cue talk too often seen in today’s theater."

Elise Marenson, The Front Row Center

"Fault Lines?is smartly crafted. Its talented cast and crew have done a remarkable job bringing the characters to life. Every artist involved clearly put a great deal of love and care into mounting this production; their dedication definitely paid off."

Sarah Weber, Theatre is Easy

Interview with Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn on Bloomberg Radio's "The Hays Advantage." **Interview starts at 24:25**

Bobby Cannavale, Richard Kind, David Zayas, Reed Birney, John Patrick Shanley, Lyle Kessler and more visit FAULT LINES

Reported by Broadway World

Owned by Julian Sheppard

Interview with Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn on Bloomberg Radio's "The Hays Advantage."

"Ray, comically executed by Neil Holland, is the gregarious bartender responsible for the bar?? customers and livelihood. Together, Ed (Don DiPaolo) and Ray (Neil Holland) have great on stage chemistry of both witty rapport and palpable closeness resonating through the characters and spilling onto the stage."

Jill Preston, Woman Around Town

"Both DiPaolo and Holland give great performances in Owned."

Victoria Teague, New York Theatre Review

"The acting was spot on, from Don DiPaolo?? (Ed) all-too-smooth palaver to Neil Holland?? (Ray) ability to talk his way out of success."

Steven Cherry,

Tape by Stephen Belber

“Both Holland and DiPaolo played off one another very well, and I very much believed them in their roles. Holland seemed to find the right balance of anger, resentment and confusion throughout.”

The Resident Artist review by Jessica Taghap

“The play doesn't cover new ground but delivers in ripe material and performances. Neil Holland's commitment and integrity to Jon was sincere and honest, leaving you feeling sympathetic toward him despite his corrupt action....Neil Holland's frailty and anxiousness shines as you get the feeling he is trapped in Vince's vengeful plan.“ review by Sahar Helmy

“A well-designed set, skilled director, and convincing cast give life to this revival which examines the questions of memory of perception... Holland also convincingly conveys his character's anger and inner conflicts.”

Theatre Is Easy review by Adrienne Urbanski

Opening night of TAPE by Stephen Belber, alongside actor Bobby Cannavale and playwrights Stephen Belber and Stephen Adly Guirgis.

Reported by Dan Bacalzo for TheatreMania

Opening night of TAPE by Stephen Belber, alongside actor Bobby Cannavale, playwrights Stephen Belber and Stephen Adly Guirgis, and directors Sam Helfrich and Lucie Tiberghien

Reported by Broadway World

“Don DiPaolo (Vince) and Neil Holland (Jon) are great together as two best frenemies. Holland carries smug self-assurance and crestfallen resignation equally well...” review by Will Kenton

“Stephen Belber's Tape is a riveting one-act and the three-person cast is uniformly excellent.” review by John Peacock

Interview with Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays on “The Hays Advantage” on Bloomberg Radio.